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About this Site

This site ( is managed and run by the Gempei-Art Village Promotion Committee (hereafter, the "Committee").

The purpose of the site is to publicly distribute information about the art facilities at Aji, Mure and Yashima, as well as other local art-related information.

1. Copyrights and Trademarks
All of the content on this site, as well as the design, photos, logos, brands, etc., is protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other rights which belong to the Committee or to companies related to the Committee, or are used under license by the Committee.
All of the content on this site (including all text, graphics, commercials, video, etc.) may freely be viewed, but may not be used or copied (downloaded) without permission.
2. Terms of Service
The Committee may modify or remove content published on this Web site without notice. If the need arises, we may also suspend or stop operation of this Web site.
The Committee assumes no responsibility for any damages arising from the inability to use the site or the modification or removal of content.
3. Disclaimer
Use of content from this site or from a third party site linked to this site is the individual user's responsibility. The Committee takes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages occurring due to the use of such content.
Moreover, the Committee does not warrant that the server which hosts this site is perfectly safe (virus-free, etc.), even though full precautions are being taken.The Committee takes no responsibility for direct or indirect damages that may occur due to the use or lack of use of data.
4. Links
You may link to this site freely.
Cautions Upon Setting up a Link
(1)Please indicate that our site is the Web site of the Gempei-Art Village Promotion Committee.
(2)The URLs of individual pages may change or be deleted without prior notice, so as a rule please set your link to the top page(
(3)We may refuse a link if the Committee deems a Web site to offend public order and morals or be unsuitable for another reason.
(4)We cannot authorize links within frames or in other forms that may give the mistaken impression that our content belongs to the linked Web site.

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