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Life-ring Vase
Burning Passion
Space Flower

Chozaburo Kimura

The majority of Kimura’s work is done using a scraping method, combing red, black and white clays. He retired from his career as a high school teacher early at age 54 so that he could begin his life anew, dedicating himself to ceramics. As a result, a theme that often appears in his work is ‘life’.
■Examples of work
Life-ring Vase (2007)
Burning Passion (2008)
Space Flower (2009)
Selected for Kagawa Prefectural Exhibit (2007, 2008)
Selected for All Kansai Art Exhibition (2007)
Selected for Zentoten Ceramic Art Exhibition (2007–2009)
942-2 Aji-cho, Takamatsu City, 761-0130
+81-87-871-2149 (home, Nagayama Kiln)
Incense glaze, vase

Takashi Kita

Nihon Kogeikai
Rihei Pottery has been traditionally made since the Edo Period. As third heir to this rich tradition, Kita creates his own style of pottery fired using Rokumanji kiln methods.
■Examples of work
Glazed dish (2009)
Incense glaze, vase (2009)
1980 Award for Merit, Kagawa Prefecture Fine Arts Exhibit
2009 Selected for Shikoku Division, Japan Traditional Arts Exhibit
1078-10 Mure, Mure-cho, Takamatsu City, 761-0121
Good Luck Demon
Child Jizo Bodhisattva

Hiroko Mukai, also known as Sousen

Sosaku Kiln
Mukai sees the value and the futility in the birth of a new life and the life that couldn’t be saved. From her experiences and feelings as a nurse when she was constantly facing life, she was drawn single-mindedly to clay as if pulled by an unseen force. She considers her path to creativity to be an attempt to express her own life and the state of her heart in such times. She finds content in finding ways for her work to touch the viewer.
■Examples of work
Created Dolls series, “Courtesan” (2000)
Created Dolls series, “Reminiscence” (2004)
“Good Luck Demon” (2000)
“Child Jizo Bodhisattva” (2005)
2000 onwards Pottery teacher (including volunteer work) at handicapped facilities, homes for the elderly, nursery schools and elementary schools
2003 Part-time pottery instructor at Aji Township Middle School
2006 onward Children’s Pottery Instructor at the Sansankan Miki, one of Takamatsu City's central municipal facilities
2009 Children’s Pottery Instructor, Heart Museum, Aji-cho, Takamatsu City
2010 Children’s Pottery Instructor, Heart Museum, Aji-cho, Takamatsu City
Aji-cho, Takamatsu City