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Ryusen Okutani

Eiwa Calligraphy Association
Okutani is both an artist and a teacher. His teaching focuses on the classics from the history of Chinese calligraphy, the origins of calligraphy, and he teaches the standard, running and grass scripts. As an artist he focuses mainly on exhibitions of his work within the prefecture.
■Examples of work
2nd Exhibit of Works of Ryusen Okutani (2001)
Winner, Audience Selected Prize, Kagawa Prefectural Fine Arts Exhibit (2008)
Winner, Audience Selected Prize, Kagawa Prefectural Fine Arts Exhibit (2009)
1989 Individual Exhibit, Works of Ryusen Okutani
2001 Individual Exhibit, Works of Ryusen Okutani
2009 Group Exhibit
2010 Selected for inclusion, 20th Anniversary Eiwa Calligraphy Association Exhibit
3006 Mure, Mure-cho, Takamatsu City 761-0121
left:Old Pine Discussion

Ouka Shiota

Bokka Calligraphy Association
Ouka studied under Shuun Komori starting in 1994. Her works center on Chinese characters and avant-garde pieces ranging broadly from kana script to modern poetry. She holds exhibits with the Ouka Calligraphy Association four times annually in Mure so that a wide range of people, from children to adults, can enjoy the pleasure of calligraphy. At the upcoming exhibit in November, the main event will be a calligraphy performance by high school members.
■Examples of work
Running script Chinese character work, “Old Pine Discussion”
Bone script-inspired Chinese character work, “Sanota”
Avant-garde piece, “Impartiality”
2009 Promoted to Member of Mainichi Calligraphy
2009 Member, Kagawa Prefecture Fine Arts Association
Winner, Mainichi Calligraphy Exhibit
Winner, Shikoku Calligraphy Exhibit
Winner of various other prizes
2093-6 O-machi, Mure-cho, Takamatsu City, 761-0122
Starting with i

Eisen Nishimura

Nishimura’s works are in a variety of genres, including avant-garde styles attempting to explore the visual relationships between kanji Chinese characters and their surrounding space, as well as poetic writing styles combining hiragana and kanji scripts. He values the worth of words and often uses the words he happens across as his themes.
■Examples of work
Starting with i (1996)
The Wind in the Grasses (2006)
Hometown (2009)
1966 First admission into a prefectural exhibition
1987 onward Individual exhibitions held, including Iroha
2006 Made a Member of the Mainichi Exhibit Kanji Committee
479-2 Mure, Mure-cho, Takamatsu City, 761-0121


The Blue-green of Seaweed
Green Maple

Tadao Onishi

Managing Director, Nihon Kogeikai
Judge, Japan Association of Exhibition Arts
Throughout the 89 years of his life, Onishi has greatly loved the natural beauty of his home, Zentsuji City in Kagawa Prefecture. His deep love for his home has inspired him to leave many of his works for both Zentsuji City as well as for public facilities throughout the prefecture.
■Examples of work
The Blue-green of Seaweed (1989)
Morning Sun (1995)
Green Maple (2004)
1962 9th Shikoku Award for Cultural Merit (Kochi Shimbunsha)
1981 3rd Nihon Kogeikai Prime Minister’s Award
1999 Made an Honorary Citizen of Zentsuji City
775 Naka-machi, Yashima, Takamatsu City, 761-0112