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Cut-Paper, Woodblock Print

Sunrise at Mount Goken from Oji Shrine
Cherry Trees in Full Bloom
Stone Lanterns

Shuzen Takeuchi

Feet on the ground, eyes on the country, heart on the world.
Takeuchi continues to create works that take as their themes inspirations from interesting regional characteristic features such as landscapes, history, production and people’s daily lives. He believes that this way of working is one way of shining a light on the beauty of the regions themselves.
■Examples of work
“Sunrise at Mount Goken from Oji Shrine”, from the collection of Shuzen Takeuchi’s Cut-Paper and Woodblock Prints, Shikoku Mandala (1981)
Cut-Paper and Woodblock Print, “Cherry Trees in Full Bloom” (2007)
Cover of Kagawa Prefectural Periodical, THE Kagawa, “Stone Lanterns” (2009)
Collection of Shuzen Takeuchi’s Cut Paper and Woodblock Prints, “Shikoku Mandala”, 19 Volumes in Total (1980 - 1984)
Shuzen Takeuchi’s Cut Paper Prints, “Long, Long Ago”, 2 Volumes in Total (1985)
Shuzen Takeuchi’s Cut Paper Prints, “The Taste of Home”, 1 Volume (1985)
69-32 Hamanomachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, 760-0011
A community website dedicated to the Seto Inland Sea artist Shuzen Takeuchi. (It is not his personal website.)

Dyeing, Sand Dyeing

The Flow of the Milky Way
Sand Grains

Rangetsu Satake

Director, Association of Nihon Dyeing Writers
Shikoku Branch, Nihon Kogeikai
Satake conceived of sand-dyeing in 1984. Sand-dyeing is a dyeing technique that involves a unique dye compound applied to sand collected from the seashore. She has subsequently created must-see masterpieces using this effort- and time-intensive method.
■Examples of work
Visiting Cloak, wickerwork pattern sand-dyeing (1982)
Shisan hand-tied sand-dyeing (2003)
Hand-tied method, mixed thread sand-dyeing (2005)
1989 Award for Prefectural Selection for Essay, On Sand-Dyeing, A Hometown Essay Contribution, sponsored by the Mainichi Shimbun
2006 Rangetsu Satake: Fifty Years of Dyeing, exhibition
2008 Winner of the Takamatsu City Award for Cultural Merit
1415-8 O-machi, Mure-cho, Takamatsu City, 761-0122


Ring, “Dove”
Ring, “Tranquility”
USB Memory, “Memories”

Syusai Konuma

His themes include the balance between man and nature, and his silver accessory works include motifs from the natural world such as leaves.
■Examples of work
Ring, “Dove” (2009)
Ring, “Tranquility” (2009)
USB Memory, “Memories” (2009)
2006 Began to focus his work on silver accessories at his home studio
2007 Group exhibition, “Japanese Spirit of Communication”, at Suzaki-ji Temple
2009 Group exhibition, “168 Shows”, at Kaeru-chan Café
1368-6 Mure, Mure-cho, Takamatsu City, 761-0130


Room Divide
Arm Chai

Yoshiki Okuda

Okuda’s works are mostly shown at solo exhibitions held primarily in Kagawa, but also at galleries in Okayama, Kyoto, Nagoya and elsewhere. He believes that the act of furniture creation is one of self-expression, which is why he continues to place such importance on wood colors and textures and on the simplicity of his designs.
■Examples of work
“Bookshelf” (2006)
“Room Divider” (2007)
“Arm Chair” (2008)
2002 Opened his studio, Woodworks Goza
He has subsequently used this base in Mure for his exhibits in various locations.
473-4 O-machi, Mure-cho,Takamatsu City, 761-0122